Agency: California Department of Transportation
Start Date: April 15, 2019
Completion Date: April 29, 2019
Contract #: 12-0Q1304 – Rte. 261 Between Jamboree Rd & Walnut Ave – Irvine

Upgrade Median by Installing Thrie Beam Barrier

Design Intent

Install a metal Thrie-Beam barrier to prevent vehicles from crossing over the median into opposing traffic.

Final Result

The entire construction area was cleared of vegetation. An existing concrete barrier, Type 60M, was reconstructed and extended to accommodate the new metal Thrie-Beam barrier. Approximately, 1700 linear feet of new Thrie-Beam Barrier was installed, along with a new Smart Crash Cushion, Type SGI 100GM to enhance safety. To complete the project, the existing drainage inlet was raised to the new elevations, imported soil was placed to ensure proper drainage and erosion control measures were added to the disturbed areas.

Total Working Days Allocated: 45
Actual Working Days: 14
Value: $439k


Project Partners

Alcorn Fence Company
Diversified Landscape Company
Rupert Construction Supply
Hi-Way Safety Rentals, Inc.
Hydraulic Crane Rental, LLC.
Robertson’s Ready Mix
CSLB #1039391 • DIR #1000063398

CSLB #1039391 • DIR #1000063398





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