Agency: California Department of Transportation
Start Date: September 19, 2019
Completion Date: October 4, 2019
Contract #: 07-A4732 – Avenue S at Route 14 Northbound On-Ramp - Palmdale

Reconstruct Median

Design Intent

To extend the left turn lane from Avenue S to Northbound Route 14 On-Ramp in order to prevent vehicles from blocking through lanes and intersections.

Final Result

Approximately 170 linear feet of the eastbound center median curb and existing roadway structural section were removed to widen the left turn lane.  A new curb was installed along with a new roadway structural section. Pigmented textured concrete was added to match the existing concrete in the area. Three new concrete barrier walls were constructed in between each of the bridge columns as a part of the design.  A temporary video camera was installed on the existing signal to monitor traffic during the construction. To complete the project, new traffic loop detectors were installed, new thermoplastic traffic markings and lane stripes were placed and the temporary camera was replaced with the permanent monitor.

Total Working Days Allocated:  60
Actual Working Day:  15
Value: $297k


Project Partners

DB Electric Inc
Chrisp Company
APCO Asphalt Dike Construction Inc.
United Rentals
CSLB #1039391 • DIR #1000063398

CSLB #1039391 • DIR #1000063398





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