Agency: California Department of Transportation
Start Date: January 6, 2020
Completion Date: February 14, 2020
Contract #: 09-372704 – Routes 58 & 395 in Kern and Inyo Counties

Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Design Intent

California’s Governor advocated for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations throughout the state. This design was to add electric vehicle charging stations to common rest areas along Route 395 in Kern and Inyo Counties.

Final Result

The locality of each of the project’s locations is considered environmentally sensitive areas. This required us to develop natural resource protection plans for the planned construction to minimize any disturbance to the existing protected species of plants, animals, reptiles, birds, etc. Additionally, the project required biologists to be onsite to monitor the work to ensure the protection of these species during the construction. At each of the five locations, the existing asphalt concrete was removed in the specific areas of improvement. Once removed, reinforced PCC pavement was placed to accommodate a parking area for vehicles at the electrical charging stations. Existing ADA curb ramps and sidewalks were removed and upgraded at each of the five locations. The contract required the installation of over 5000 linear feet of underground electrical conduit and cables. This work was accomplished by directional boring across Route 395 from a service point into each of the new charging stations at the rest areas. Multiple electric service cabinets were installed at each of the locations to energize the new charging stations and lighting. To enhance safety, new steel bollards filled with concrete were placed around service cabinets and the charging stations. New roadway signs were added along the highway and rest areas to alert the public of the new electric vehicle chargers. The project was completed by adding new high-visibility pavement markings at all locations. This project was a complex coordinating and design effort between Caltrans, contractor, and other agencies. The execution of the project was accomplished by working diligently and effectively with each agency in multiple counties to install new power poles in these remote areas. In addition, the project’s work was performed and completed during a time when a global pandemic swept the nation. Despite the obstacles, this project was a great success for both Caltrans and the contractor.

Working Days Allocated: 45
Actual Working Days: 40
Value: $1.3M


Project Partners

VT Electric, Inc.
Safety Striping Services, Inc.
E-Nor Innovations, Inc.
Total Equipment Rental
United Equipment Rental
CSLB #1039391 • DIR #1000063398

CSLB #1039391 • DIR #1000063398





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